Akaihana Roll  Deep fried salmon & crab salad wrappedseaweed with spicy ponzu sauce  6.95
Agedashi Tofu Lightly fried tofu with bonito flakes, green onions & ginger 4.95
Baby Squid Lightly fried squid & lettuce with spicy ponzu sauce 5.95
Chicken Tatsuta Age Deep fried chicken marinated 6.95
Edamame Steamed edamame with salt 4.50
Garlic Edamame Edamame with garlic salt 5.00
Fried Fishstick Deep fried Alaskan Pollock with tartar sauce 5.50
Fried Calamari Steak Lightly fried & breaded squid 5.95
Fried Gyoza Fried dumplings stuffed with pork & vegetables

Panfried Gyoza ($5.50)

Geso Karrage Lightly fried squid leg with ponzu sauce 6.50
Hamachi Kama Grilled yellowtail collar with ponzu sauce 10.00
Jalapeno Poppers Lightly fried jalapeno, cream cheese, spicy salmon, crab salad & sweet sauce 6.50
Kaki Frai Lightly fried breaded oysters 6.50
Lobster Dynamite Baked lobster, mushrooms, smelt roe, white onion & dynamite sauce 15.95
Fried Salmon Kama Fried salmon jaw with white onion, carrots and special sauce 7.75
Salmon Puff Lightly fried spicy salmon, crab salad with cream cheese 5.95
Shiitake Dynamite Lightly fried shiitake mushroom, cream cheese, spicy tuna, & spicy sweet sauce 7.00
Shiitake Tempura Lightly fried shiitake mushroom, with crab salad 6.50
Shumai Steamed dumplings stuffed with shrimp & Vegetables 4.95
Fried Soft Shell Crab Lightly fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce 7.50
Super Mussel 4 pieces of green mussels baked with crab & sweet sauce, topped with bonito flakes 7.50
Takoyaki Fried wheat cake with octopus 5.00
Tempura Mixed Lightly fried 2 shrimp & 3 vegetables in tempura batter 6.50
Tempura Shrimp 3 pieces of lightly fried shrimp in tempura batter 4.50
Tempura Vegetables 5 pieces of lightly fried vegetables in tempura batter 4.95
Teriyaki Beef Charbroiled beef with teriyaki sauce 6.50
Teriyaki Chicken Charbroiled chicken with teriyaki sauce 5.50
Teriyaki Salmon Charbroiled salmon with teriyaki sauce 6.50
Yakitori Charbroiled chicken & green onions on skewers with teriyaki sauce 4.50
Spicy Chicken Fried chicken marinated in spicy sauce 6.95
Shishito Tempura Deep fried Japanese peppers in tempura batter 5.50
Pan Fried Gyoza Lightly pan fried gyoza 5.50
Fried Soft Shell Shrimp 3 pieces deep fried shrimp batter in corn starch 6.00
Potato Shrimp 3 pieces lightly fried shrimp wrapped in potato 5.95
Fried Spring Rolls (Deep fried) wrapped mixed vegetable with shrimp or vegetable only 5.50
Akaihana Roll Deep fried, no rice & Served Ponzu Sauce 6.95
Korean BBQ Short Ribs Short ribs marinated in Korean sauce 8.50
Potato Croquet

Soymilk Creamy                   Crquette

Deep fried potato crquett

Deep fried soymilk creamy croquette



*Ahi Tostada Finely chopped poke tuna over sushi rice with fried wonton skin w/ swa sauce 10.00
*Beef Tataki Seared beef tenderloin with garlic ponzu sauce 14.95
Cucumber Salad Cucumber with sweet vinegar sauce 4.95
*Hawaiian Poke Tuna Salad Cucumber, tuna, smelt roe, white onion, seaweed, olive oil & spicy ponzu 13.50
*Japanese Dynamite Salad Shredded cucumber, tuna, salmon, white fish & Akai Hana’s spicy sauce 17.00
*1/2 Japanese Dynamite Salad Shredded cucumber, tuna, salmon, white fish & Akai Hana’s spicy sauce 8.95
Oshinko (Tsukemono) Mixed pickles 4.95
*Oyster 1/2 Shell 3 pieces of fresh oysters with spicy ponzu sauce 8.00
*Salmon Tartar Chopped fresh salmon, diced onion, 3 kinds of tobiko, olive oil, ponzu & sweet sauce 12.95
*Seafood Ceviche Salad Cucumber, tuna, salmon, white fish, cilantro & diced tomatoes w/ sesame sauce 13.50
Seasoned Octopus Seasoned octopus with mixed vegetables over cucumber 6.95
Seasoned Seaweed Seasoned seaweed over cucumber 5.00
Seasoned Squid Seasoned squid with mixed vegetables over cucumber 5.75
*Spicy Scallop Salad Scallop & shredded crab stick, smelt fish roe with spicy sauce 8.00
*Spicy Shrimp Salad Shrimp & shredded crab stick, smelt fish roe with spicy sauce 8.00
*Spicy Tuna Salad Tuna with spicy sauce 8.00
*Spicy Tuna Crackers Spicy tuna, crab salad & fried wonton skin with spicy sauce 9.95
*Sunomono Octopus, mackerel, shrimp, crab, cucumber, seaweed & sweet vinegar ponzu sauce 6.50
*Sushi Appetizer 1 piece each of tuna, white fish, salmon & shrimp nigiri 6.00
Tako Sunomono Octopus, cucumber & seaweed with sweet vinegar sauce 6.50
*Tuna Carpaccio Thin sliced tuna, olive oil, ponzu, jalapeno, & spicy sesame oil with tobiko 14.95
*Rainbow Carpaccio Thin sliced tuna, salmon, yellowtail & jalapeno sauce with tobiko 14.95
Sansai Salad Mountain vegetable with cucumber 5.50
Ohitashi Boiled spinach with special sauce 4.00
Sesame Spinach Boiled spinach with sweet sesame sauce 4.00
Hiyayakko Cold Tofu Topped with bonito Flake green onion & Ginger 4.00
Somen Noodles Flour Noodles with special sauce 3.50
Extra Large Somen Noodles Flour Noodles with special sauce 4.95
Tomato Ceviche Sliced tomatoes with special ceviche 4.50
Jelly Fish Marinated jelly fish with sesame 4.95