Note : Take out is regular price.

Nabeyaki Udon Thick noodles in hot soup with chicken.
shrimp tempura (2). crabstick, vegetables and boiled egg
Lunch 10.00

Dinner                      11.50


Kakiage Udon or Soba Noodles in hot broth w/ mixed vegetables & shrimp tempura Lunch 7.95

Dinner 8.95

Sansai Udon or Soba  Noodles in hot broth w/ mountain vegetables Lunch 7.50

Dinner 8.50

Tempura Udon or Soba Noodles in hot broth w/ shrimp Lunch 7.95

Dinner 8.95

Yaki Soba Japanese thin noodles sauteed with shrimp & vegetables
seasoned with red ginger
Lunch 7.50

Dinner 8.50

Zaru Soba Chilled buckwheat noodles & shrimp tempura, scallion, Wasabi & Special Sauce Lunch 10.95

Dinner 11.95

Ramen Noodle Noodle with BBQ Pork and Vegetables
(Soup Flavor: Choice of shoyu. tonkotsu or spicy miso, tomato base)
 Seafood Ramen Noodle with Clam, Scallop & Shrimp (Choice of Shoyu, Tonkotsu or Spicy miso and Tomate base) Lunch 12.50

Dinner 13.50

Served with soup & salad (Substitutions each piece 50¢ or more)
* Regular Sushi Tuna, Yellowtail shrimp, whitefisli, salmon, sweet egg &
california or tuna roll
* Deluxe Sushi  Regular sushi, plus eel & masago nigiri 23.00
* Chirashi Sushi Assorted fish over sushi rice 23.00
Served with soup, rice & salad (Substitutions each piece 50¢ or more)
* U.ME Sashimi Tuna, salmon, whitefish, octopus (3 pieces each) 20.00
* TA.KE Sashimi Tuna, salmon, whitefish, octopus. yellowtail (3 pieces each) 25.00
* Sushi & Sashimi Sushi: Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish &
shrimp (1 piece each)
Sashimi: 3 Tuna, 2 whitefish, 2 salmon
* Sashimi Salad Sashimi: 2 tuna, 2 albacore, 2 salmon, 2 yellowtail,
2 albocore tuna, 2 white fish & l shrimp over fresh salad
with special dressing (Does not come with rice and soup)
Steamed white rice, steamed brown rice

Miso Soup

Drinks Hot Green Tea 1.95
Bottle ofwater 1.50
Soft Drinks: (Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke. Sprite. Dr Pepper
Lemonade, Root Beer. Raspberry Iced tea)
Arnold Palmer (Tea & Lemonade) 2.95
Japanese Arnold Palmer (lee Green Tea & Lemonade) 2.95
Ice Tea OR Iced Green Tea OR Coffee OR Milk 2.95
Cranberry Juice 3.25
Perrier (Sparkling Natural Mineral Water) 3.00
Orange Juice OR Apple Juice 3.25
Ramune soda (japanese drink original, strawberry, or Grape), Gatorade 3.00
Calpico  (Japanese drink)

GunGun Glut

Monster Zero Ultra

 Calpico Mini  0.70
Caution: * These products are served raw or undercooked.
* Consuming raw or undercooked seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food-borne illness. especially if you have certain medical conditions.